Rats & Mice

There are 3 main pest species or rats and mice that live in and around the Rockhampton area.

  • The Norway rat
  • The House mouse
  • The Roof rat

For more detailed information on each of these species – click here.

If there is a nest nearby you may especially with rats see a lot of droppings and smell a distinct strong odour.

Rats tend to reside in your roof or walls, Mice on the other hand tend to find lodgings in your kitchen behind the dishwasher or stove.

Treating rodents can be carried out using a variety of techniques.

The most common method is installing bait stations where a poison bait is fastened securely inside a tamper resistant bait station and placed where the most activity occurs.

Snap traps and glue boards are also an option, but are less commonly used.

Please note we no longer use Glue boards as we feel it is cruelty to animals.

below are some common signs of Rats you may see around your home, notice the black marks.