Ants love sunny warm climates, Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast are perfect for these crawling pests to thrive.

Bonds pest control technician eradicates the nest source.

If the nest is inside the wall cavity, it can be hard to treat by yourself.

A pest control technician may use a bait that they take back to the nest which in turn kills off the colony nesting inside.

This can take some time but is usually the most effective method.

Treating ants externally can be easier to treat as the nest more easily located and chemical applied directly at the nest source.

Ants in this area.

The most common pest ants in and around Rockhampton and coastal areas are:

  • Argentine
  • Black house
  • Brown house
  • Coastal Brown
  • Green-headed
  • Pharoah
  • Red Imported Fire Ants (mainly around Gladstone ports)
  • Singapore
  • White-footed House
  • Odorous
  • Carpenter
  • Meat
  • Bulldog
  • Jumper

Ants travel in mass numbers, and are considered a nuisance when they get inside your home.

Although are not directly harmful to humans, they do pose a health risk when they bring germs from your garden into your home.

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