Although cute and fluffy, these pesky creatures can become a nuisance by eating our fruits and vegetables in our gardens and taking up residence in our roof voids.

There are three types of possums in Australia, Ringtail, Brushtail and the Mountain Brushtail.

 The two most commonly encountered species in this region are the Brushtail and Ringtail.

They are nocturnal and usually only come out of their dens at night to find food, they avoid coming into contact with the ground if possible so most of the time you will see them on rooftops, in trees, on power lines, fences etc.

Brushtail possum

Possum removal:

Removing them from your roof can take time as you need to “live catch” the possum.

After catching they must be released within 25m of where they were caught – so proofing your home so they can’t get back in is a must.

Tips to prevent possums from gaining entry:

  1. Source any openings in your roof, eaves or soffits.  If they can get their head in it, they can usually get their bodies through also. 
  2. Seal the holes with a wire mesh or timber boarding.  
  3. If you know where the possum is getting in, put metal mesh in place on one side of the opening – leaving the other side open to a one way exit.  After the possum is gone you can seal it up fully.

Remember possums are a protected species and must be treated accordingly.