Australia is home to ten of the deadliest spiders in the world.

Easily identified by their eight legs, but not so easy to live with.

Spiders are attracted to warm, dark and small spaces.

They love wall cracks, eaves, vents and corners around your home.

Spiders in this area:

In Rockhampton and surrounding areas, you can find these spiders:

pest spider


  • Huntsman
  • Black House spider
  • Redback spider *
  • Golden Orb
  • Daddy Longlegs
  • Brown Huntsman
  • Red House spider
  • St Andrews Cross
  • White tailed *
  • Wolf spider

* Warning: Redback’s and white tailed are especially dangerous, and can be potentially deadly to small children and the frail.

Ground dwelling.

Most ground dwelling spiders like huntsman are difficult to treat, as a chemical needs to be applied directly onto the spider to have a great impact and eradicate the spider.

An effective barrier around your property will assist in keeping these spiders at bay.


Examples include the Redback and Daddy Long Legs.

The web makes them easier to treat than ground based spiders.

Even if the spider is not in the web during treatment, the spider will come back to its web, it will ingest the web and thus die from the chemical application.

When having a treatment carried out it is best not to clean the cobwebs until at least a week after the treatment has been carried out, this will allow for the spider to come back and subsequently die from the treatment.


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