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We like to try and keep clients informed as much as possible including tips, pointers and activities that we carry out.

Hopefully this Blog will allow you to improve your overall pest management in your home and show you some do’s and don’ts and other things that may be of interest.

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Below are some short video links for you to look at.

This video shows you typical termite damage to a timber house stump, as you can see the termites have gone right up through the middle of the stump and have passed through the old metal shielding into the house, the stumps are that bad they have split almost completely in half. rest assured this property was successfully treated by Bonds Termite Management & Pest Control Rockhampton.

Conducive conditions are areas around the property that will attract termites, moisture, old untreated timber in your yard etc, reducing these conducive conditions will assist in an overall termite management program at your property. if in doubt have an inspection carried out by Bonds Termite Management & Pest Control.

In this older timber home you can see clearly the walls look as if they are bulging out in places, with a moisture meter you can check these areas to see if there is high moisture levels which would indicate possible termite activity.

Wet areas including kitchens, bathroom, laundry areas are hot spots for cockroaches, its nice and warm, damp, dark and contains items which can be eaten. Ensuring these areas are clean and dry will assist in controlling the populations by removing harbour-age areas.

This is a very bad case of a building or home reno gone bad, they have cut into the block wall to allow the shower recess to sit into the wall, this has allowed termite to gain entry through the area which was cut, to make it worse, it is a high moisture area and hidden behind the shower wall and shower base. the amount of damage that was done was significant and the cost of repairs was well above $20,000!

This property was successfully treated by Bonds Termite Management & Pest Control Rockhampton.

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