Flea bites are one of the greatest concern’s people have about these creatures in your home or business.

Fleas can carry disease’s such as Plague, Murine or Endemic Typhus and intestinal worm parasites.

Treating fleas is a combination of treating the source (which is usually your beloved pet like a dog or a cat), as well as treating the areas infested with fleas.

Assisting with the treatment:

Pick up all items off the floor.

Vacuum the entire house and dispose of contents.

Treating the source:

Treating your pet with a suitable flea treatment product recommended by your vet is an important first step in breaking the breeding cycle.

It is essential to treat your pet for fleas for at least 3 months to break the cycle.

Treating the area:

A certified and competent pest management technician will treat the infested area.

At Bonds we use the best chemicals on the market to provide you with the knowledge you are in safe hands.

What to expect after treatment:

Once your treatment has been carried out two things will occur.

  1. within 30 minutes most fleas on site will die.
  2. around the 3 week mark after your service you will find they have come back, these are the eggs left behind hatching, don’t worry they will die shortly also.

If all of the above is carried out correctly your treatment will have success, remember though this is a team effort.

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